When We Were Young Luxury Room Diffuser (Coriander leaf, Cedar & Lavender)

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Luxury Room Diffuser.

Room fragrance oils

This luxury perfume diffuser creates an uplifting and exuberant ambiance with Coriander leaf, Cedar and Lavender.

  • Fragrance notes: Coriander leaf, Cedar and Lavender
  • with complimentary art photograph & poem™ - When We Were Young 
  • 100 ml
  • Reed made from a combination of cotton and other fibres to produce a highly effective wick system
  • Reeds do not clog and do not require turning
  • Very high performance along the whole length of the reed
  • Luxury white box with black striped ribbon
  • Handmade in England, with materials manufactrued in Europe. All materials tested by IFRA, the international fragrance association

Master Perfumer Mahc beau is a multi sensory artist (integrating perfume, poetry & photography) with reoccurring themes on the subject of love, intimacy, discoveries, passion, youth, friendship and serendipity.

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