Born in Turin in 1907, Felice Andreis started taking pictures as a child and never stopped all through his long life.

“Even though I experienced a quiet life without heroisms or spectacular deeds, in my ninety-five years I saw many interesting things and many changes. I remember the First World War, the patriotic enthusiasm, the disappointment for Caporetto, the joy and pride for our victory. Later was the advent of Fascism and the difficulty for me to get a degree as I did not want to enrol in the Fascist ranks.

In 1933 I left the comfort of Turin and went to San Donato (Orbetello) where there was no electricity, water nor entertainments. But Maremma with its immense extensions of land, without houses and almost without human beings but only sheep and long-horned cattle fascinated me. I immediately found good friends who considered me one of them instead of a foreigner from Piedmont. My wife is half from Siena and half from Maremma and she put up with me for 63 years.

The passion for photography since I was nine years old helped me to observe these landscapes and I suggest to young people to cultivate this passion that leads us to admire and appreciate the surrounding world and to remember the past. Nowadays I must only thank my parents who gave me good health and God who preserved it for me. I am also grateful to all those who brought to light the photographs of my old archive.”

- Felice Andreis, July 2003

Felice Andreis died at the age of 107 in 2014. Following his passing, Mahc Beau was entrusted with the honour to be the custodian and agent for his works.
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