About Mahc Beau



Mahc Beau is a writer, a perfumer & director of photography.
A collector of books, memories and moments.
Driven by his desire to tell stories and relive fond memories, Beau uses
a selection of sublime candle fragrances, room diffusers & luxury perfumes
as narrative tools, charting the stories of his youth, of intimate moments,
of discoveries, and falling in love in London's dance halls & jazz joints.  




“We spend so much of our resources on our physical appearances, yet
how we feel inside is more profound and generally different to how we may appear. 
I want to bridge the gaps and distances within ourselves, and with each other 
by creating beauty products that are soulful and resonate with our deeper consciousness.  

By creating aesthetic luxury fragrances that integrate vision,

words and scents as relationship components, 

I hope to inspire harmony within ourselves and encourage

dialogue and conversations with each other

that evoke feelings of empathy, compassion and inner beauty.”

   — Mahc Beau



Mahc Beau products include:

Luxury Perfume Candles
Luxury Room Diffusers
Luxury Perfumes
Signed Limited Edition Photographic Prints (including framing)
A Lifestyle Book (consisting of photography, poetry, prose & philosophy)
The Globe Desk (available for commission in other designs & colours)
Mahc Beau Audio Poetry (Book Excerpts)

Mahc Beau services include:

Art Curating & Direction

Brand Development & Strategy

Lifestyle Consultation for Personal Development, Wealth & Value Creation, Relationship Advice & Spiritual growth

Collaboration & Partnerships







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