Dear Weather Perfume 100ml

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Dear Weather perfume is based on the story of a young woman from Sweden who stole Beau's heart in his youth. In his last letter to her, the letter where Beau addressed her as Dear Weather, we can glimpse the beginning, twists and turns of love, and eventually the loss of love. Like the cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter, Dear Weather is a beautifully blended composition of Lily, Iris and Dark Amber layered on a bed of Roses. The perfume notes represent the characteristics of the four seasons of love in Beau's romance with Weather, and in nature. It is a fresh, intense, delicate and timeless fragrance and it is for those who want to leave a mark of distinction on their journeys.

Included in the luxury packaging is the visual and audio story™ that inspired the perfume. Written and performed by Mahc Beau.



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