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Roses Scent Diffuser Mild Fragrance

Roses 100ml Luxury Perfume Room Diffuser with complimentary art photograph & poem

Roses is simply an exquisite perfume narrative tool by Mahc Beau. A powdery intense rose fragrance with white florals and a base of warm amber and soft musks.

The reeds packed with this diffuser are manufactured using a combination of cotton and other fibres to produce a highly effective wick system, offering very high performance along the whole length of the reed. They will not clog and do not require turning. Simply place in the liquid and leave to perform. To reduce the perfume level, remove one or two reeds. When not in use remove all reeds and insert the stopper. 

Mahc Beau is a multi sensory artist who integrate pictures, words and smells to convey romantic sentiments and create mood enhancing experiences, with reoccurring themes on the subject of love, intimacy, heart break, discoveries, passion, youth, friendship and serendipity.The ingredients used in each Mahc Beau's luxurious scented candle reflect the sentiment and narrative of a poem and has been illustrated by Mahc Beau's photography.

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