The Morning After The Night Before. Luxury Room Diffuser (Yellow Gingko)

Luxury Room Diffuser| Mahc Beau



Luxury reed diffuser

Mood uplifting relaxing aromas of Gingko leaves. Mahc Beau's inspiration for this Luxury Room fragrance is based on the poem he wrote -The Morning After the Night Before™. Green leafy birch notes entwine with smooth woods, smokey vetiver, earthy patchouli and a touch of black pepper and cardamom adds a spicy twist.

  • Fragrance notes: Ginko Leaves
  • 100 ml
  • Complimentary art photograph and poetry™
  • Reed made from a combination of cotton and other fibres to produce a highly effective wick system
  • Reeds do not clog and do not require turning
  • Very high performance along the whole length of the reed
  • Luxury white box with black striped ribbon
  • Handmade in England. All materials tested by IFRA, the international fragrance association

Mahc beau is a perfumer, poet & director of photography. A multi-sensory artist, with reoccurring themes on the subject of love, intimacy, discoveries, passion, youth, friendship and serendipity. The ingredients used in each Mahc Beau's luxurious scented diffuser reflect the sentiment and narrative of a poem and has been illustrated by Mahc Beau's photography.

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