Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger



Artist: Mahc Beau

  • Print type - Lambda Gloss
  • Print Dimensions - 50cm x 33cm (small) 76.2cm x 58cm (medium/large)
  • Edition Quantity - 10
  • Price includes framing (white mount & a slick black & gold wooden frame)
  • A complimentary framed poem and perfume candle for this piece are included in this sale offer.

Artist’s Ekphrasis:

"In my younger years, I was surprised to learn that a family began with two strangers. After realising this, I began to look at the world a little differently."  — Mahc Beau

"When exactly nine years had passed since this gracious being appeared to me, as I have described, it happened that on the last day of this intervening period this marvel appeared before me again, dressed in purest white, walking between two other women of distinguished bearing, both older than herself. As they walked down the street she turned her eyes toward me where I stood in fear and trembling, and with her ineffable courtesy, which is now rewarded in eternal life, she greeted me; and such was the virtue of her greeting that I seemed to experience the height of bliss. It was exactly the ninth hour of day when she gave me her sweet greeting. As this was the first time she had ever spoken to me, I was filled with such joy that, my senses reeling, I had to withdraw from the sight of others. So I returned to the loneliness of my room and began to think about this gracious person." — La Vita Nuova III



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