Bye Bye Birdie I

Bye Bye Birdie I



Artist: Mahc Beau

  • Print type - Lambda Metallic 
  • Print Dimensions - 60cm x 39cm (small) 101.53cm x 90cm (large)
  • Signed Edition Quantity - 10 
  • Price includes framing (deep bevel white mount & a slick black wooden frame)
  • A complimentary perfume candle is included in this sale offer 


Bye-Bye Birdie began with a poem I had written on the subject of the pursuit of meaning and the fragility of life at its beginning and ending. In creating Bye-Bye Birdie, I aimed to translate the content of my poem into an image that demystifies our fears of the unknown future, as well as visually constructing the work around an excerpt from one of William Shakespeare’s poems as follows: 'All the world's a stage, And all men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…’.

A DeSoto vehicle is parked between a woman and a man. Light is reflected off her white blouse, whereas the man is steeped in shadow with the brim of his hat covering the contours of his face. The work was staged to be split into two - light and darkness, birth and death, the inevitabilities of life that renders all men and women equal. The doors being open to either, like the opposite wings of a bird. The work uses different tones and characteristics of black. We have the reflective quality of the DeSoto vehicle, the pitch black of the man’s suit and the black simmering quality of the puddle at the forefront of the piece. Black is a sequential outcome from the aggregation of every colour and is used here as a representation for all colours and races of people.

©Mahc Beau



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