Artist: Mahc Beau

  • Print Dimensions - 56.5 x 37.7cm (small) 75.5 x 51cm (medium)
  • Print Type - Giclee Matt
  • Signed Edition quantity - 11
  • Price includes picture framing (white deep bevel mount & an elegant white wood frame) 
  • A complimentary perfume candle is included in this sale offer 


Déjàvu is a second representation of In Your Eyes.

And this time, there is a broader dialogue between the image and the viewer. In addition to the stare and focus of the driver, more is shown to us through the shades of the passenger.

Déjàvu, as implied, is the feeling or sensation of experiencing something we have seen before. 

The original piece - ‘In Your Eyes’ was inspired by my thoughts on the journey of discovery not necessarily being about seeing new places or even new faces, but having new eyes and seeing our world from this new perspective. It’s creation comes from one of my own quotations:

"Vision is required where visibility is poor."

From this I wanted to tell a story about a passenger or passengers and “the driver”. About a person with an unbroken focus and fierce determination to achieve their goals in life. A man or woman that sees the world with their own eyes as opposed to the eyes of others or naysayers.

©Mahc Beau



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