Here Comes The Dreamer

Here Comes The Dreamer



Artist: Mahc Beau

Print Dimensions - 50cm x 41cm (medium)  100cm x 91cm (large) 
Print Type - Giclee Matt
Edition quantity - 10
A framed poem is included in this sale offer
Price includes picture framing (Black & 24 Carat Gold Leaf Gilded Frame)

*If you would like to have this image in a much larger size, please write to us at*


An astronaut scales space, looking down at the serenity of the world beneath him. A soaring eagle is cut from a shadow. The glimmering of the moon on black waters stretch toward a distant horizon, mapped in waves of thick cascading clouds, where each fold is found by the luminescence of the moon and reflected on the waters in which they tower. The flight of the astronaut is his solitude, the sky is filled with music and the symphony of his dreams. The eagle’s wings are spread as far as they can reach and glides above the face of the waters. The flight of a butterfly and its small wings are mirrored beneath it. Three stages of flight are projected on the sky of the viewer’s imagination. The butterfly, the eagle and the astronaut. Together, they represent a universal truism and a proverbial expression that no dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.

©Mahc Beau



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