Ritorno all’ Ovile 1933

Ritorno all’ Ovile 1933



Taken between the 1920's and 1930's, Felice Andreis pictures have been reproduced from their original negatives on a fine art black and white gelatine print.

These valuable investment art pieces have been entrusted to Mahc Beau as its custodian.

The prints are available in two sizes: 30cm/40cm x 40cm and 80cm x 60cm.

The 30cm/40cm x 40cm prints are currently framed in a dimension of 50cm x 50cm while the 80cm x 60cm prints are framed in a dimension of 104cm x 84cm as shown in the video clip above.

Images are printed in a small limited edition of 7 or 10.

Price includes framing.



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