Tell Me You Love Me.

Tell Me You Love Me.




Artist: Mahc Beau

Print type - Giclee Gloss
Print Dimensions - 60cm x60cm (medium), 90cm x 90cm (large)
Edition Quantity - 12
A complimentary framed poem and perfume candle for this piece are included in the sale offer
Price includes picture framing

Artist's Ekphrasis:

A sequence of six shots of a man alone. In the first, he has a lighter and a smoking pipe in his hands and is observing it intensely whilst his thought is placing him elsewhere, stripping him from his surroundings. Is his thought in the arms of love? The holding of a woman? He reflects over something, or someone. Encased in solitude. The will and need to be alone, isolated. Although there is a narrative, it is concealed, shadowed, like the empty chairs that surround him. In the second two images of this piece, the smoking pipe is no longer in his hands and a pair of dark glasses have been placed over his eyes. More reflection, more sorrow. Is the man crying? The last two images see a removal of the glasses and his forehead resting against his softly clenched hands. His eyes look down and the shadow cast over his brow masks his impression but one senses dejection, hurt, even loss. Is he wanting for something that he cannot have. A sight he cannot see, a sound he cannot hear, a perfume he no longer smells. Say It Again. Tell Me You Love Me.

©Mahc Beau



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