The Madness

The Madness



Artist: Mahc Beau

  • Print type: Giclee Matt
  • Print dimensions: 60cm x 40cm (small) 71cm x 48cm (medium)
  • Edition Quantity: 10
  • Price includes picture framing (white mount & a slick black wooden frame)

Artist's Ekphrasis:

 Our true enemy has yet to reveal itself. And by that, I mean "oneself."

Her arms are brought back to herself, clutching at the upholstery of the chaise that she's sitting on. Her eyes are heavy, sultry, encased in thick black mascara with her tumid upper lip slightly upturned like a thin sheet of acetate. The light seeps in from the left hand corner and makes contact with her slightly perspiring right cheek. Her fringe is cut sharp and the velvet fabric of her dress shimmers in the fading light. Her legs are slightly open, exposing her left thigh. The look in her eyes both launches itself at the viewer whilst also retreating. Her stare induces a quiet madness, a temporal possession seeking an outlet.

She calls you in the midnight and leaves you in the morning. She was the poison that seeped through your veins whilst whispering she was your cure. A taste that lingers long after it’s bitten. You leave exhausted and spent, having given all. It's no good but you keep going back.

©Mahc Beau



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