Time Traveler

Time Traveler



Artist: Mahc Beau

  • Print type - Lambda Metallic 
  • Print Dimensions - 23.6 x 17.7 cm (small) 50 x 37.5cm (medium) 
  • Edition Quantity - 8 


“Photography is looking back in time. We cannot stop time but we can pretend to. This is what I like about photography." - Mahc Beau

In creating Time Traveler, the artist aimed to bare his soul on the thought and sentiments that began his journey in photography. A man on a course with a horse and a cart. His hands take softly to the reins as his eyes stare at a distant view. His mouth is slightly open but on his lips words seem to rest. He sits on a fiacre carriage, motionless on a rundown small side street in a city unnamed. Above his head are two gated windows that give the impression of enclosure, and the battered walls that surround him speak of many decades past. A curious gaze into time. No map. No direction. Just the will to find.

©Mahc Beau



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